Gamification could bring new possibilities and breakthroughs to your organization. We can design and build hardware using every type of sensors to gamify just about any activity you can think of. 

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is taking the world by storm. It’s the next level of interaction between man and machine.

We’ve done some amazing work including providing stroke patients a VR experience with the lost movement in their arm.

From video games to digital presentations you can harness the power of virtual reality with our team.


Using virtual reality to teach concepts and training protocol is a safe and convenient way to standardize the way you onboard and advance your employees.

In addition, this is a way to teach complex problems in the academic fields as well as product research and testing.

AI & Machine LEarning

Our brains are the most amazing computers on the planet, yet even they are starting to replicated by machines. 

With the sheer processing capabilities offered by computers today, the right algorithm can change the way you interact with your customers or streamline the way you do business in a way not possible before. 

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Are you looking to get into VR or Gamification? 


Virtual reality has been commonly seen by many as simply a new gaming platform. And while it can be that, it is so much more.

With this modern tech it’s often easy to lose sight on how these technologies can work together to create something greater then the sum of it’s parts.

These are merely tools in your 21st century tool-belt. And you do have access to them.


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